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Adela Negrea Free delivery all over the world
Product description

Tailoring knowledge, types of sewing and their association, theoretical and practical notions in making an outfit. Creating and physically making an outfit. Knowledge related to the production process in textile garments: stages, operations, tailoring, tools, basic and auxiliary materials, material defects. Use of measuring and drawing instruments for the design of clothing products, specialized drawing. Making sketches of clothing products, typology of textile materials and fabrics. General notions about the transformation of patterns, gradation of patterns, their execution from measurements, application of calculation formulas according to the specific measurements of the model, transposition of patterns in geometric technical drawing, actual realization of basic patterns: single sleeve / sleeve, pants, jacket, dress, skirt, etc. Various typologies of patterns for women's clothing creations.


When you shop on Fashion Vibes, you buy directly from the designer. Delivery is free to countries all over the world. Each designer checks carefully each order and is fully responsible for the authenticity and quality of the production.
Delivery time depends on the destination counties, couriers, and human factor.

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The current collection as well as any other collection can be purchased by pre-order in our Shop Online. Worldwide guaranteed delivery is free and is carried out directly from the designer to the client. Happy shopping!


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