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Product description

​Hello, my name is Marco Lorè I obtained a diploma in graphic arts at the " Scuola Internazionale del Fumetto" in Florence. After attending the courses in photography at the prestigious " John Kaverdash School" in Milan, I began collaborating with different fashion designers such as Ana Pires, Algiodini, Stefania Baldi Fashion, Enzo Garavaglia, Mario Rusconi Leather Bags, MR Sartoria, Kikka Spose, Dea Pagana, Anton Giulio Grande and others. I have been published in Italian and international magazines, webzines, fanzines, and web sites such as Secret, ll Fotografo, Dark Spy, Overnewsmagazine, Virtuosité Mag, Neahmagazine, Bogamia, Elléments, Féroce and many others. Actually, I'm collaborating with I.S.A. Image Studio Academy, an academy for makeup artists and stylists in Genoa. For me, photography is everything, a great opportunity to represent a huge part of my own life. I will be happy to participate as a photographer during Fashion Vibes Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2021/22 Regards, Marco Lorè, Fashion Photographer, Art Director of Model&Model International agency


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