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DIANA PERVYKH Free delivery all over the world
Product description

DIANA PERVYKH Model from Russia Attends a school of models, a school of young fashion designers, pop art school. This year she studied at the Hollywood Academy of Acting and Film, successfully completed the course "Secrets of the world of fashion" at the Italian School of Fashion and Style with stylists from Milan. She takes an active part in fashion weeks, shows and photo shoots for multi-brand clothing stores. She has dancing and vocal abilities, takes part in concert performances in Russia and abroad, loves to draw and travel. Has several titles from beauty contests: • YOUNG BELLE UNIVERSE GRAND PRIX 2020 • YOUNG FASHION MODEL GRAND PRIX 2020 • GRACEFUL YOUNG MISS GRAND PRIX 2020 • MISS RUSSIAN BEAUTY INT. 2020 • TOPSTAR RUSSIA 2020 • BEST MODEL OF THE YEAR 2020 • MOST FASHIONABLE MODEL OF THE YEAR 2020 • MISS WORLD GRAND PRIX 2021 Life motto: Believe in yourself and never give up!


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