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Natasha Guynn
Natasha Guynn

Natasha Guynn, owner and founder of custom wig line and boutique Kamora Sky Wigs and Beauty Bar, a cosmetologist with over 30 years experience, specializing in extensions, custom hand-made wigs, and natural hair care. 
Named after her daughter, Kamora Sky Wig line was founded over 16 years ago, and the boutique, a little over three. The idea behind the brand was initiated after Guynn's encounter with a client battling cancer and suffering from alopecia. She was one of Natasha's regulars, and post-diagnosis and several heavy anti-cancer treatments, she approached Guynn with hopes to regain her spark of beauty and feel just as pretty as she did before going to war with cancer. Natasha was a firsthand witness of seeing how the treatments negatively affected her client's hair, self-esteem, and overall appearance and demeanor. With Guynn's compassionate spirit and empathetic heart, she noticed an opportunity to support and help her client rebuild her confidence through beauty by designing for her a custom wig unit. From then on, Guynn has used KSW to act as a powerful support system for women to rebuild, maintain, and sustain adequate levels of confidence. KSW is heavily involved in local community projects and organizations established to empower women through the use of beauty and cosmetics. She is an active donor of KSW wigs to the foundation, “Beautiful Nation,” who serves children suffering from alopecia, as well as to several clients battling hair loss-related illnesses. A further listing of Guynn's philanthropic activities includes; a donation of KSW wigs to the 2014 Radio One Women's Empowerment Expo, featuring Niecy Nash, and the 2015 Women's Veterans Interactive event with special guest, Angela Robinson. Guynn also volunteers locally as a beauty expert for the "Look Good Feel Better" program, an organization that helps women build their self-esteem and confidence while battling cancer through the use of beauty and cosmetics. Guynn holds a stellar rapport of excellence in all aspects of her business ventures and partnerships, not limited to but some include; production crews, hair beauty brands, and multiple notable and well-known names in the sports and entertainment industry. To name a few, Guynn’s work has been showcased on the music video sets of David Banner, Pusha T, and K. Michelle. Also a stylist to Olympic track and field star, Francena McCorory, HSN host Lori Weathersby Moore, celebrity stylist Misty Casseus, and entrepreneur Kijafa Vick, wife of former NFL star Michael Vick to name a few. Guynn and KSW wigs have too, been featured in magazine spreads and have made an appearance in runway shows, television productions, and fashion festivals. Kamora Sky Beauty Bar is an exclusive boutique and salon where locals can come and shop different unit styles and colors as well as receive regular wig and hair maintenance with the respective scheduling and appointments. With Kamora Sky now having several brands under their umbrella; boutique, beauty bar, wig line, and an extensive clientele of notable names. Guynn has been flourishing in the Beauty, Hair, Cosmetics, and Fashion Industry for well-over twenty years, meaning she holds a great deal of talent and knowledge within her field and is crowned with being one of the best in such an obtrusive and competitive market. With tips on staying successful and motivated, Guynn says; 
“You have to always stay ready and want to elevate, self-motivation and determination mixed with lots of confidence is the key to success, not just with business, but in anything. To grasp the idea and understand that growth is something that does not come easy but as a result of a strong mind and hard-work is really all it takes.” 
Here at KSW, we strive to make every woman feel beautiful and empowered in every way possible. Our main focus is not only to make one look beautiful but to supply a lifetime of confidence within oneself. Instagram: @kamoraskywigs @kamoraskybeautybar I can be contacted via email: or

Country: USA
Gender: Female
Age: 43 years

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Natasha Guynn
Country: USA
Gender: Female
Age: 43 years

The conditions are simple, fill in the information about yourself and upload the exceptionally qualitative photos.

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